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Powder Coat Option

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Maintenance and Care for Powder Coated Spectrum Starting Platforms

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Cleaning your starting platforms on a regular basis is an essential part of ensuring longevity and minimizing rust formation on your starting blocks. Regimented cleanings will also reduce incidents of stains and discoloration on the block surface. The frequency in which blocks should be cleaned depends upon how harsh the environment is in your pool facility. For instance, indoor pools with poor air circulation may necessitate rinsing of starting platforms 1-2 times per week with tap water. This will ensure the removal of corrosive airborne contaminants that will inevitably land on the surface of your starting platforms. Starting platforms should always be dried with a soft cloth, with attention given to the welded portions of the platform and any areas where bolts are used to join pieces of metal together; these areas are most susceptible to crevice corrosion. Starting platforms in outdoor pool facilities require similar levels of care and we recommend that all starting platforms be covered when not in use to limit surface abrasions and discourage unwanted play.



General Maintenance for Starting Platform 3M Surfaces (top, wedge and step):

1. Rinse with fresh tap water

2. Use a plastic bristles scrub brush in a circular motion to gently remove dirt and stains

3. Pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. * When applicable, avoid scrubbing the edge sealant used to adhere the 3M grit to platform surface.


General Maintenance for Starting Platform Frame:

1. Rinse with fresh tap water

2. Dry with clean, soft cloth

* Remember to rinse and dry the inside of the wedge and the underside of the platform top in order to prevent corrosion